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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Party Of A Lifetime

Party of a lifetime.
“Hey Ameeelia!”, “what” she replied “I dug my finger in youuuure cake!” I announced, yet was ignored.
“Okay everyone let's play pass the parcel!” my sister excitedly announces, “Wait!” Grace states, “Where is Georgia!”.
Everyone glanced around the room and Georgia was nowhere to be seen. We organised ourselves so into a search party, my sister Amelia took all of her friends, because she knew our house and I sat on a chair seeing all the daily snapchat filters, YASSS RAINBOWNESS I think to myself. 
I thought to myself “I'll go toilet”
After I unlocked the door I felt like showing some initiative
and went and found the group, we checked everywhere, even in the most hidden cupboards, expect for my parents room…, this was like a giant game of hide and seek!.
I decided to split from the group and check my room, and my sister’s room and my parent’s room, in the bathroom, in the bed, and around the corner and there she is, red eyes and sharply whispers “DON’T TELL ANYONE I’M HERE!. I trotted back to the room where the girls were playing pass the passel and said that Georgia was in my parents room and the party continued happily ever after, until Georgia ran off again.

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