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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Arts Blog

Trip To Town 
Week 1
Today our class went into the city, I was quite excited on the bus, I was sitting next to Leon and we were talking about what we could do at the Margaret Mahy park.
After we hopped off the bus and got in our groups, at the museum there was some weird and wacky paintings it was quite annoying because Enzo was acknowledging  how some people had their privates showing, and that was pretty much that part.
We went into another room, it had this weirdly bent thing with a circle around it and I wondered what it was supposed to be and some strange paintings to say the least.
After all that we walked over to the Margaret Mahy park, we ate lunch and then played a big game of Dracula, Liam and I found of a good hiding spot and then I had an idea for a better spot, it was a killer hiding spot!, we didn't get found until we had to go back. I wondered if our spot was out of bounds because the whole time I was concerned the whole time about if our spot was out of bounds.

Week 2
On Thursday our activity group did music with Mrs. McCabe.
Mrs. McCabe went through it with us and then we split into groups, my group consisted of Romae, Margo and Jackson, I played the bongos, Jackson played the drums, Romae played some maracas and I don't remember what Margo played but I'm pretty sure it was her a aggressively hitting milo containers, honestly our song didn't sound too good, it sounded like bashing drums and loud unpleasant sounds, but that was because we only practiced once.
When we were listening to the other groups it seemed like they were a lot more co-ordinated and had better ideas for instruments like scraping rulers on the milo tins and better ideas than 3 drums.
 I wonder if it would have been better if we practiced for longer.

Week 3
This Thursday our group was doing drama with Danielle, first we were on the field and reenacting some drama sort of things like 1960’s dancing and robots, but some people weren't taking it seriously so Danielle said that we were preform in front of He Tangata, we had not even finished doing all of the acts?
I found it kind of funny and hid behind Sharnika (because she is taller than me), I think some people like Liam found it kind of humiliating, I wonder what He Tangata thought of us, but I hope they had a good laugh. 
After that we headed inside and acted plays, I was in a group with Josh,Edward,Thomas. A, and I had to act a play of a bank robbery in slow motion, singing or 2X speed, we sung it, I was the robber who was wearing a dress, I thought it was really fun. The play went like I went to get some money, pulled a gun on the bank lady, took the money and go tackled by the police.
Calendar Art
Week 4 
Calendar Art *Breathes  in* has not been easy for me to say the least.
Day one I thought that I was doing a collage-silhouette, then I didn't like that idea so I decided to make a 2018 collage.
The first one was TERRIBLE, it looked like the fruit loops pelican too massive poo on a piece of paper, you couldn't see the 2018 and it was just freestyle.
That afternoon Danielle gave me a look and asked me what I thought, shortly after I decided to start again.
What was different about this one was that I used PVA instead of glue so it stuck better, also I colour coordinated it and it looked better, a lot better.
I wonder what would have happened if I just kept my old one and if my parents would have brought it?.

Fly On The Wall In The ESOL Room*
Today Thomas. R, Edward and I went to be a fly on the wall in the ESOL room and were trying to figure out the heart of Waimairi School.
The first room we observed was the year 5 and 6’s with Nicki but that was quite hard to tell what they do in that ESOL room because they were playing Uno as it was Matthew’s birthday, the next room was not the same. 
In the other room they were making a collage of some sort of collage to go with their personality and they were talking about what it was like in their old countries, there was Mikayla from Ara Atu and she said that she would move back if she could. Then there was Seo Hyun’s brother and he said that he was very young when he lived in Korea and didn't get to start school, the last person was Daina in harakeke and she said she likes it in New Zealand but doesn't want to move to Korea because she has never been to Korea and because of the Korean War.

Sculpture Plan
Minion Piggy Bank
Leon: A jar.
Oliver:Milk bottle top and 2 Popsicle sticks.
Sam:Yogurt pottle
School:Spray paint, blue fabric and paper

There will be a hat to put your money in 

Spray paint jar yellow
Cut out hole in lid 
Spray paint yogurt pottle black and hot glue on top 
Draw eye on paper, hot glue on
Cut fabric to size and glue on, if there is no blue fabric we will spray paint it

I will try to work on thinking in case if something breaks and if I need to keep constantly fixing something as this has happened In the past.


Money Shot 
This is my Money Shot.
I believe that this captures the heart of Waimairi because it shows examples of working in 
groups (interacting with each other), teamwork and building relationships.

They were talking about what it was like in their home countries and if they would like to go back while also making some sort of mosaic, which in a way is multi tasking and being able to multitask well is a very valuable skill in life.

I also believe the E.S.O.L room is one of the valuable rooms to the school because it helps people to . understand English, so you can do work and just enjoy school and New Zealand in general!

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