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Thursday, 26 October 2017


Have you ever really really really regretted going on a roller coaster? 
Today I am going to tell you about an exciting experience I have had at Disneyland.

I was quite reluctant to go on this ride because the little mermaid isn't really up my alley, but mum managed to convince me and we hopped in the queue.

As soon as we finished waiting in the line a man dressed in a suit greeted us with a smile and my dad and I hopped in the clamshell and pulled down the lap bar.
Without notice the ride turned around and started slowly spiraling down backwards.

Some suspiciously peaceful music started playing, it made me feel like I was being lured into something.
When we reached the bottom we turned around and the clamshell slowly drove around, there were dancing crabs and singing lobsters and anything you could imagine on a Disney princess ride, it was incredibly happy.

Then the ride started slowing down, and after a few seconds it slowed down to a complete stop, “Dun Dun Dunnn!” I don't think that anyone knew what was happening, I whispered to my dad “are we stuck?” he replied with a simple yes, “I think so”.
Soon after a strangely enthusiastic voice came through the speakers “There has been a small issue and the ride has stopped, make sure to stay in your clamshell!”, the music continued and the crabs and lobsters kept singing and dancing for what seemed like an eternity, nothing had happened, babies were crying, people were distressed and everyone had heard the same song at least 50 trillion times, the strange voice came back “The ride has started back up, enjoy your ride!”.

I wiped a sweat off my forehead as the ride started up again, we went through into another room, it had the fat octopus lady's head squished up into a ball and probably talking about how Beyonc√© is the REAL queen and how starbucks is overpriced, we continued slowly moving through to some area with a projector showing  Ariel and the prince having some mushy romance scene, as we drove past that I crossed my fingers hoping that it wouldn't stop then, the ride stopped, my brain was like a pot of boiling water, I was so mad to get stuck on this part, in my head I was swearing like a sailor, and it turned out it there was no reason to stress and we stopped only so we could briefly admire it, (at a safe distance).

Soon after we drove up to where to we started and I gave I sigh of relief as we hopped off, “Do we have to go on the   Feeerissss wheel?”, little did I know that Ferris wheel would be the thrill of my life, but that is a story for another time.

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