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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Sculpture Reflection

This term’s focus is art, our class has been making sculpture’s, Leon,Sam and I made a minion piggy bank.

Originally just Leon and I here going to make a fish with a photo album in it, then Sam joined, after we realised when we didn't have any on the stuff,so we changed our activity.

Then after we decided to make Reinhardt’s hammer, this idea didn't last long as soon after we realised it was going to be waaay to hard with the time and a little silly/childish , then we changed to make a minion piggy bank.

First day Leon and I brought our materials, Sam was away so we had to improvise, he was bringing a yoghurt pottle, then we made one out of cardboard.
After we cut a hole into the lid so you could put your coins in.

The second day in the morning we painted our minion yellow, the day went on and at lunch Leon did a second coat of yellow.

The next day we painted his pants, made an eye and tried to glue on it, didn't work.

The day after I couldn't glue the eye on because the gun wasn't getting hot enough, then after searching for a hot glue gun we glued on the eye strap thingy, glued on the eye and finished!

What went well was that on our day that we finished Leon wasn't there so Sam and I had to finish it on our own and Leon was happy and that surprised me happily because Leon can be hard to please sometimes.

Next time I would change by making a do not touch sign or use a different material than hot glue because the hot glue kept bio-degrading or being picked off.

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