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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Science Blog

Science blog 13/6/17
This week for science Sean and I tested how far we could shoot cotton balls out of our catapult, this was my first science activity so Sean and I had to make a catapult.
Today I learnt that cotton balls distance escalates heavily when you add rubber bands, because when we fired it without any rubber bands the cotton ball went 1m83 and then when we added rubber bands it went 4m33, 6m81 and even further.
Today I wondered what would have happened if we thought more about our catapult and made it more advanced because Sean and I saw Sam and Sanjive’s catapult was firing cotton balls up to 12 meters.

Science blog 14/6/17
Today at science we were with Vanessa, and we were making mini golf courses and pulleys, I was at reading most of the time, but my group got about 10-15 minutes to make and use a mini golf course, Leon,Liam,Hamish,Cooper and I made the mini golf course out of some wood that we found,pens pencils and books to stop it falling off
Today I learnt that instant karma is real because Liam kept trying to make it up the ramp it took him a while to make it up because the ping pong ball kept falling off the ramp, but when I did it after him the same thing kept happening for about a minute!
Today I wondered how much easier it would have been if we had real mini golf clubs and golf balls, because we were using hockey sticks and meter rulers, and those were hard to use because the meter rulers were really hard to hit with because they were so thin and the hockey sticks were too long and kept knocking things over, because golf balls are heavier and golf clubs are not as wide.

Science Catapult Week 8
What Is Force? 
Force is a way of movement ie (push and pull) for an push example when you let a balloon filled with helium go while you are outside and the helium in the balloon makes it go a up and up and up until it runs out of helium.
For a pull example one is when you are playing tug of war with two groups of people and both groups is pulling as hard as they can and making tension, that is force.
Force can also make something change shape for an example, if you hit a glass bottle with a hammer the glass will fly everywhere, therefore it changed shape.
Gravity is probably the strongest force, Gravity keeps the earth down and stops you, all of your belongings and everything on earth from flying into space.

This week at science Sean and I completed filling out data for our catapult, I found it averagely easy because this was my second time with the catapults and I was used to doing this,that part was easy, but after we had to make a graph showing the data we gathered and I feel like I really struggled on that, because I didn't understand it.

What I changed: I changed my mindset because when we were testing the 3 cotton balls I said that we couldn't do no rubber bands because they would just fly everywhere but at the end when I was taking the rubber bands off I decided to do fire the 3 cotton balls without rubber bands.

What I learnt: I learnt that the distances can vary from however rubber bands because, you would normally think that the distances would be longer but that is not true.

What I wondered: I wondered what would have happened if we used more cotton balls like 5 or 8 cotton balls and if they would go further, shorter or a similar distance?

Science Plan For Project 
What am I making?: A mini back garden 
Who I am working with?: Jackson
What do I need?:
Tramp: Black ribbon, popsicle sticks 
Hammock: ribbon/fabric, 2 toilet rolls, popsicle sticks, brown paper, green plastic bag/green paper
Slide: Popsicle sticks, paper
Jungle gym: Popsicle sticks
How do my play objects use force?: 
Tramp: when you jump up and down you push yourself up and down and accelerate when you go down 
Hammock: when you push the hammock and it also accelerates
Slide: the gravity pulls you down and you accelerate down
Jungle gym: you pull yourself forward and up

Science week 9/10
What are you designing?: Jackson and I are designing a model backyard because we thought it would be unique because everyone else was making a playground

What is working well?: Leon left Jackson and I and that is a good thing because cracks on and I will get to do more because Leon was doing most of the work 

What struggles are you encountering?:Leon leaving because even though that worked well if there is anything tricky Jackson and I will likely mess up on it or struggle a lot 

What improvements are going to make?: We will need to put a need on the trampoline because it does not necessarily resemble a trampoline 

What is your next step?: putting the net on our tramp and making the jungle gym 

Here is a photo of our finished project:
Conclusion: over the past week Jackson and I have been crafting our miniature backyard with a trampoline,a jungle gym, a slide which goes into our pool, a pool with a diving board and a hammock 

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