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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


I am cosy, filled with fluff. Once brand new and tunnel black, but now I am just dirty and scratched.  
Let me tell you a bit about myself.
Dedicated for winter, made to keep you warm, I am filled with feathers, comforting, just what everyone needs.
Once I was sitting in a box in some noisy factory and then journeyed on a plane into a macpac store somewhere in the North Island.
I sat on a coat hanger for months, but finally someone picked me!, not any other one but me! and from then on my journey began.
John, he took me to his job every day, in the snow or in the rain he took me to his job, it was a nice place, it had warm heaters and cold air conditioning units.
I was well-loved and comforted in the accommodation of his wardrobe...
Fast forward a couple years, my outside was getting dirty, he tried to clean me, but the stains were too soaked in and it seemed John had brought something to replace me, I felt like I was unloved and useless.
At this point I had no use, I was just sitting in his wardrobe on a coathanger.
One day out of the blue he took me to a charity shop, and someone put me here on a bent coathanger, unwanted, unneeded, and I guess here the cycle starts again.

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  1. Oliver, I like the way you are loved and wanted then you skip a couple years, then you are very descriptive about how you are dirty and unwanted. Also at the end you say "the cycle starts again" which I really like.