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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Popcorn writing

            Popcorn writing
I see a big yellow machine that spits out delicious popcorn. It looks like it's going to explode! The delicious popcorn is busting to escape and get launched out of machine and into the bowl, some of the popcorn flies into people's faces, it was probably shouting “I believe I can fly!”

I can hear the sound of the big yellow popcorn machine vomiting out popcorn and the unpopped kernels clanking into the bowl, it reminded me of a hammer hitting a nail.

I can smell smoke from the burnt popcorn and smell butter but there is no butter on the popcorn.

I feel hungry to taste the delicious popcorn

I expected the popcorn to taste delicious like it normally does. But when I taste this popcorn I felt disappointed because I was looking forward to tasting the salty, buttery flavour, however this popcorn
did not have that flavour

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